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Our Mission

Why we're here 

MagicTumbler - Collaboration Design, by Hibana, Inc.

MagicTumbler was originally designed as a launchpad for education-focused startup projects in Japan.

Since March 24th, 2022, all MagicTumbler and Hibana, Inc. operations have been redirected to covering the War in Ukraine.

Our overall mission is to document the stories of those who have found their own ways to fight this war, particularly the teams involved in the evacuation effort and humanitarian aid delivery.

These collectives both save and sustain the lives of the many men, women, and children around them in ways you wouldn't imagine.

The different organizations we have followed have delivered insulin to diabetics who would otherwise go without, provided weekly food and groceries to an entire neighborhood, carried down a disabled grandmother 10 stories to get her onto the evacuation van, and led out a convoy of 4 evacuation cars under active shelling.

Refugees we have spoken to had not only lost their homes; many are left in limbo as to the whereabouts of their family members, unable to reach them on any telecommunication.

We want to capture these stories, to become a reflector of the real and active courage that is present here in the face of atrocity.

We Stand With Ukraine

Heroyam Slava

Героям слава

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