Down the barrel of a 50 cal | 📸@saphryn
I won't let you go | 📸@saphryn
Lastmile Warriors | 📸@saphryn
Flag from the Rubble | 📸@saphryn
Combat Medic, in the trenches in Kharkiv Oblast | 📸@saphryn
Alesia | 📸@saphryn
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Bahmut | 📸@saphryn
Father and son refugees | 📸@saphryn
Unloading Aid form BCA Poland | 📸@saphryn
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Baby arrives at refugee center | 📸@saphryn
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Above the trenches | 📸@saphryn


Documenting the Humanitarian Effort in Ukraine

My name is Saphryn Shikaze, creator of MagicTumbler.

I am currently in Ukraine documenting the local humanitarian effort in order to provide direct channels through which people can help those whose lives have been flipped upside down due to the War in Ukraine.

We are documenting the stories of:

- frontline evacuations (,

- last-mile humanitarian aid distribution (,

- international humanitarian aid logistics (,

- refugees who have lost their homes and livelihoods.

We then distribute our content to the teams and organizations whose stories we cover for their own fundraising efforts.

Follow us and consider supporting our work, as we continue to share our journey through this war.


Who We Work With

Organizations Making a Real Impact

Lastmile Warriors

Lastmile Warriors
(aka "The Bulletproof Jackets")

• Delivering food and medicine door-to-door in bombarded neighborhoods.
• Creating a network of frontline delivery services

Vadym and his team of 6 came together on the February 24th - the first day of the war - to figure out how they can help their fellow Kharkiv residents.

Since then, they've created a vast network of 50+ volunteers who specialize in providing them with information and humanitarian aid, enabling him and his team to make last-mile deliveries to those who would otherwise go without.

Coming Soon

BCA Poland

• Delivering humanitarian aid by the ton
• Housing refugees by the hundreds

BCA Poland (Baptist Charity Action) is the humanitarian arm of Chelm Baptist Church, a strong community based in Chelm, Poland, just 24km (15mi) from the Ukrainian border. They are ON THE FRONTLINES of the international humanitarian effort, with logistics routes covering roughly a dozen regions in Ukraine. 

1 wrapped palette of food costs about $1,000, and each of their semi trucks can hold up to 30 of these. When you add medicine, one truck can carry up to $80,000 of humanitarian aid to be delivered to warehouses all over Ukraine from which last-mile deliveries are made.

MagicTumbler - BCA Poland - Food Palettes.jpg
Land of Mercy - Water for Mykolaiv_edited.jpg

Land of Mercy

• Collecting water by the ton for besieged Mykolaiv
• Multiplying humanitarian efforts in Odessa by the hundreds

Land of Mercy was created with the aim of helping people affected by the War in Ukraine. They have already provided for hundreds of people in Odessa, Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Mykolaiv. Now they urgently need personal hygiene supplies, warm clothes, medicine, food, as well as mattresses/blankets for those who have already lost their homes as a result of the bombings.


• Frontline Civilian Evacuation
• Frontline Humanitarian Aid delivery

TAUSAR (Technical Assistance Ukraine - Search and Rescue) is a small team of drivers actively evacuating civilians who live near or on the frontlines. Many of the villages surrounding Lysychansk from which they have extracted fleeing civilians are now under Russian occupation, including Bila Hora, Myrna Dolyna, and Vovchoyarivka.

2022-06-19 Sat - P - Evac Mission - Myrna Dolyna, Luhansk Oblast - DSC07551 - M.jpg

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